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Celebrate Pride Month with our Social Justice Learning space

This learning space is focusing on the experiences of being LGBTQ+ in America. We believe this is an important time to explore this topic as we celebrate Pride Month. It is our hope that all people can gain a more unbiased and thorough understanding of the LGBTQ+ community, while also learning how to promote acceptance. And for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+, we hope this space can help validate and represent their experiences, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

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Hope in the Water

Hope in the Water: New 3-Part PBS Docuseries Starts Wednesday June 19 at 8pm Watch Trailer


Atomic Age Cocktail Party
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Johnny Mandel (101)

Coming up, on The Atomic Age Cocktail Party, it’s another in our Great Arrangers Series, this time with the focus on Johnny Mandel—the man who penned such hits as…
Evening Concert
Joan Tower

Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival / Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center / Fiesta! / Gateways Radio

Sunday night June 16 the Evening Concert starts at 5:00 o’clock with the “Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival”, followed at 6:00 by the “Chamber Music…
Classic Mornings
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See What You Might Have Heard

I hope it sounded good.


Prairie Fire

Rouley & Ruey: Morel Mushroom Hunt

Join us on a morel mushroom hunt in an undisclosed location with amateur enthusiasts and best friends Angie Rouley and Ruey Sandusky.  They'll tell us what to look…
Mid-American Gardener

Let’s get growing!

Our expert panelists answer your garden questions, demonstrate how to's, and share their landscaping secrets for success.
State of Change
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Impacts of the climate crisis on communities of color

In 2023, the climate crisis became chaotic in Illinois. In our third annual State of Change report, we examine how higher temperatures are taking a toll on people, in…