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Election 2018: Health Care Is Huge Issue In Midwest

Across the Midwest, health care has emerged as one of the year’s biggest campaign flash points—in races from U.S. Senate to state attorney general. In Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and Indiana, speeches, debates and ads highlighting partisan disputes over major health care issues. Among them: the Affordable Care Act, a single-payer health system and decriminalization of drug use.

Anna Casey/Illinois Public Media

Illinois Sees Additional Funding Cuts For ACA Navigators

The state of Illinois will receive about $380,000 this year to fund navigators who help enroll people and families in health insurance plans on the marketplace established under the Affordable Care Act. That’s compared to the more than $3 million the state received to fund those positions in 2013, the year the program launched, according to an announcement made last week by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). 

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