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An Illinois Poverty Scorecard; People’s Gas Leak; AG Candidate Pat Quinn; Rural Economic Development

On The 21st: The gap between our wealthiest and poorest residents continues to grow in Illinois. Why aren't low-income families reaping the rewards of economic success? Plus, we talk about a 2016 gas leak that contaminated largest aquifer in east central Illinois. Also, we continue our interviews with attorney general candidates, and talk to Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs about an economic development program for rural Illinois. 

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We Need To Talk About Ordinary Abortions; AG Candidate Nancy Rotering; This Week In Campaign News

On The 21st: We speak with bioethicist, lawyer and author Katie Watson about her new book 'Scarlet A: The Ethics, Law and Politics of Ordinary Abortion.' Also, we continue our series of attorney general candidate interviews with Democratic candidate Nancy Rotering. Plus, we unpack the latest news in this year's gubernatorial race with Politico's Natasha Korecki.

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Transgender Veterans; State Of The State; Attorney General Candidate Gary Grasso; Ramar The Gorilla

On The 21st: Last summer, President Trump's tweet that transgender individuals should be barred from military service triggered multiple lawsuits. But that ban has been stopped in its tracks, and the Pentagon is currently accepting transgender recruits. Plus, we talk to Chris Mooney about what to expect from Governor Rauner during the State of the State address. We also we learn more about the Brookfield Zoo's oldest animal, and kick off our series of interviews with candidates for Illinois Attorney General, starting with Republican Gary Grasso.

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