Illinois State Treasurer

The 21st—Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Today on The 21st: Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs on what his office is doing to try to help small businesses affected by the COVID-19 shutdowns, plus a conversation with Colin Asher, author of the Nelson Algren biography Never a Lovely So Real.

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State Treasurer Candidates; IL Candidates On The Economy; Passing Land To New Farmers

On the 21st: Today, we continued our election series outlining where candidates stand on growing Illinois’s economy – and fixing our economic problems. Plus,  our series of candidate interviews by speaking with the three men vying for the office of Illinois' Treasurer. But first, we learn more about a program that helps old farmers connect with, mentor, and even pass their land on to young farmers.

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New Program Automatically Connects Illinois Residents To Unclaimed Property

The new 'Money Match' program will automatically return unclaimed assetts such as life insurance proceeds, forgotten bank accounts or other benefits, to an individual taxpayer. State Treasurer Michael Frerichs said taxpayer records from the Illinois Department of Revenue will now be matched with the unclaimed property program so that residents who are owed less than $2,000 will receive a check in the mail without having to file a claim with the state. 

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