Headshot of Sean Garrick and a picture Luisette Kraal hugging a child

A Dialogue with Univ. of Illinois’ DEI leader and why a Black Illinoisan who helps migrants faces an immigration struggle herself

On this episode of Dialogue, we hear from Vice Chancellor for Diversity Equity and Inclusion at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Sean Garrick. Then we learn more about a video game about housing discrimination and woman from the North Side of Chicago who's one of the first advocates to help migrants when they were sent to police stations. And finally, we meet Major General Rodney Boyd, the 41st adjutant general of the Illinois National Guard.

Diversity in journalism schools

Journalism schools and newsrooms have released statements about their commitments to inclusiveness and diversity, and yet many news outlets remain predominantly white To talk about it, The 21st was joined by two journalism students and two professors.

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