International Students
Vince Smith/Flickr(CC BY-2.0)

Higher Ed And US-China Relationship; UChicago Journalist Subpoena; Ticks; Chicago Climate Goals 2020

Every year, thousands of students come to the U.S. from China to study. But now, the Chinese government is urging students to take a closer look at the risks of coming to U.S. universities. And, we're speaking with a University of Chicago student who was subpoenaed by the prominent Pearson Family after publishing news about them in the college newspaper. Plus, summer means it’s time to get outside, and maybe go for a hike. It also means a higher risk of tick bites. And, more than a decade ago, Mayor Richard M. Daley pledged that Chicago would be the “greenest city in America” by 2020. Where does that promise stand today?

We Can Make It If We Try

Happy New Year from the Bandwagon crew! It's not too late to say that, right? They usher in 2017 with what turns out to be a fair amount of basketball. 'Tis the season, after all. 

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