Jim Kaler

Heaven’s Touch: From Killer Stars to the Seeds of Life, How We Are Connected to the Universe

Guest: James B. Kaler, Ph.D.

We may feel isolated from the universe on a planet so small. But, says astronomer James Kaler, we are more connected to our corner of existence than we think. Today on Focus, he joins us to talk about his new book Heaven's Touch, in which he explores the variety of ways that the universe affects events on our own planet, from the gravitational effects of Jupiter to solar flares to deep-space cosmic rays.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Stars

Guest: James Kaler.

Emeritus Professor of Astronomy James Kaler joins Focus today to discuss the infinite study of stars in our universe: how they form, how they age, and how they are charted and recorded by human astronomers on our own humble planet.

The Summer Skies

Guest: Jim Kaler, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Illinois.

As the seasons change, so does the sky. This morning on Focus, Professor of Astronomy Jim Kaler joins us to guide us through our corner of the universe. He will point out some of the more interesting features currently on display in the night exhibit and take general questions about astronomy and space exploration.

Touring the Summer Sky

Guest: Jim Kaler.

When you look up at the sky at night, what do you see? Today on Focus, University of Illinois Professor of Astronomy Jim Kaler joins us to tell you exactly what to look for this summer.

Astronomy: The Little Book of Stars

Guest: Jim Kaler.

Today on Focus, we'll discuss how modern astronomers have come to understand the stars with Jim Kaler, author of The Little Book of Stars. The book tells the story of the stars, from their births to their violent deaths. It also looks at how humans have used the stars to keep time and to navigate, and explains what stars have taught us about the forces at work in the universe. We'll tackle all this and more on the show.

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