Lori Lightfoot

Illinois mayoral election series: Chicago

We continue our new series highlighting mayoral races happening across Illinois and check in on the election in Chicago. The 21st was joined by two journalists who have been following the race.

Bobbi McSwine/Illinois Public Media

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin; Medicaid Backlog; ‘Ms. Blakk For President’ At Steppenwolf

State lawmakers have just two weeks to decide how they’ll move forward with several pieces of legislation. House Republican Leader Jim Durkin joins us to share his priorities. Plus, a southern Illinois mother faced thousands of dollars in hospital bills for her newborn because of Medicaid enrollment delays. She’s one of more than 112,000 who are facing problems with the program in Illinois. A new play at Steppenwolf explores the story of Ms. Joan Jett Blakk- a Chicago drag queen who ran for president in 1992.

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