Individual and Collective Memory Consolidation: Analogous Processes on Different Levels

Guests: Wenyi Zhang and Thomas J. Anastasio, Ph.D.

The process by which we form memories is known as consolidation: converting spare bits of information into a stable representation of events. But four University of Illinois faculty claim that this process does not only apply to individuals, but to social groups as well. This could imply the existence of collective retrograde amnesia—the loss of particular memories by an entire social group.

Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain

Guest: David Eagleman, Ph.D.

To us, it may seem that our conscious minds—the parts that we consider to be us—are the only thing running our brains as we make our way through our days. But what's happening behind the scenes? Today, neuroscientist David Eagleman joins the show to discuss the subconscious brain and just what it's capable of.

Wisdom: From Philosophy to Neuroscience

Guest: Stephen S. Hall.

Defining wisdom is often much more difficult than recognizing it. Today on Focus, we're joined by science writer Stephen Hall, who in his new book Wisdom: From Philosophy to Neuroscience discusses the history of wisdom in a range of fields. On the show, we'll talk about how modern manifestations of wisdom differ from those in the past, and how while the concept has been backed up by modern science, it continues to elude easy understanding.

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