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Heather Johnson performs DNA extraction at the Michigan State Police Forensic Laboratory in Delta Township, Mich.
Al Goldis/AP

Illinois’s DNA Testing Backlog; Golden Apple Scholars; Books Returned To Danville Prison; Chicago Defender Ceases Print

Prosecutors and police officers have been sending too much DNA to the Illinois State Police crime lab. People are waiting in jail as a result of the massive backlog. Plus, schools across Illinois badly need more teachers. One statewide program has been trying to recruit more of them, as early as high school. Also, earlier this year a prison in Danville removed 200 books from an education program library. But now, after public pressure, the books are back in the prison. And after more than a century, the Chicago Defender will no longer be available in print. 

The Daily Illini newsroom
Emma Weissmann

What’s Next for Student Newspapers?

The Daily Illini recently announced they will no longer print a Friday edition of the paper. While it’s nothing new that newspapers are struggling, what does it mean that the problems facing traditional print media have now trickled down to include student publications?

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