Lollapalooza 2019 concert in Chicago
Charles Reagan Hackleman

Summer Music Festivals in Illinois

As more people are getting vaccinated and restrictions are easing, the return of pre-pandemic activities is looking promising. To speak more about what people can expect from upcoming festivals, The 21st was joined by three guests involved in or reporting on Illinois' music scenes. 

Jessica Hopper sitting on an outdoor staircase
Photo provided by Featherproof Books

Music Critic Hopes Conversation Leads To Change

Music critic Jessica Hopper recently started a social media conversation about how women and other marginalized groups have been discouraged in their pursuits in the music industry.  Hopper will be in Champaign-Urbana for this weekend's Pygmalion Festival.  She spoke with Illinois Public Media's Brian Moline about how that conversation started, and where she hopes it could lead.

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