Space Exploration
Photo by Lisa Bralts

“Chasing the Moon” Interviews, Part One: Getting There

Getting to the moon was a lofty goal; humans first had to develop technology powerful enough to physically get them into space and away from Earth. Here, Illinois aerospace engineering professor Zach Putnam and Illinois astronomy professor Joaquin Vieira discuss the development of rockets and the serious technology required to get us there – and home.

John Ballentine

The Future of Space Travel

Guests: Michael Lopez-Alegria, Phillippe Geubelle, and Jonathan Card.

Ten years ago, the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded on re-entry over Texas, killing seven astronauts; in the years that followed, state-funded space flight dwindled. Today on Focus, we'll talk the future of space exploration with a former astronaut, an aerospace engineer, and a businessman who want to make human settlements in space a reality. Join our conversation at 10 or on Facebook and Twitter

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