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Congressman Says Farm Bill Negotiations Will Protect Farmers Concerned About Looming Trade War

Rep. John Shimkus’ 15th Congressional District includes steelworkers near Granite City, whose jobs were restored shortly after President Trump imposed tariffs, and soybean farmers whose prices took a hit after China retaliated with their own tariffs. Shimkus said his top priority throughout the Farm Bill negotiations will be the agricultural safety net that will offer protections to farmers concerned about a looming trade war.

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Tariffs, The Steel Industry And Farmers; ‘The Brain Scoop’; Angel Sides; State Politics Update

On The 21st: How are tariffs on steel affecting both the steel industry and farmers in Illinois? Plus, we speak to scientist and creator of The Brain Scoop Emily Graslie about a new butterfly species that has been named after her. Also, we hear from 13th Congressional District candidate Angel Sides. But first, we get our Illinois politics update from Natasha Korecki and Mark Maxwell. 

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