Workers Rights
Born Again Labor Museum

Museum examines workers’ rights through art

The Born Again Labor Museum in Carbondale features art focused on worker’s rights, and it’s also a community event space for local labor rights organizations — which have seen a renewed interest in recent years as the pandemic highlights the plight of many essential workers across our economy. To tell us more about the history of labor organizing in Southern Illinois and about the Born Again Labor Museum, we were joined by the museum's co-founders. 

(AP Photo/Matthew Brown)

Lawmakers’ Ties To Video Gambling; McDonald’s Walkouts And Lawsuits; Artisans Of Illinois

As lawmakers consider raising taxes on the video gambling industry, ProPublica Illinois and WBEZ report on several powerful lawmakers from both parties who have direct financial ties to the industry. Plus, last week, activists and workers’ rights groups organized walkouts and filed lawsuits against McDonald’s, for everything from higher wages, union rights, and reports of violence in the workplace. And, if you’re planning to hit the road for the perfect summer day trip, we’ll speak with some of the artisans and restaurateurs featured as Illinois makers.

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