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Tim Nugent
L. Brian Stauffer/ U of I News Bureau

New Documentary ‘The Game Changer’ Examines Accessibility Pioneer Nugent’s Early Efforts

When Tim Nugent came home from World War Two – little did he know his efforts to help wounded veterans in the late 40’s at the University of Illinois' former Galesburg campus would later make him the ‘Father of Accessibility’ in Champaign-Urbana, and for college students all over. The new Big Ten Network documentary "The Game Changer" includes film footage from the 1950's, telling the story of how Nugent began his efforts.

Crew Member On ‘The Third Man’ Recalls Orson Welles, 65-Year Career

Angela Allen credits director Carol Reed for getting her started in film.  The post-screening discussion following the 1949 film noir 'The Third Man', Thursday night at Roger Ebert's Film Festival was kind of cinema history lesson for the crowd at Champaign's Virginia Theatre.

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