The 21st Show - April 25, 2016

Incarcerated Mothers, Fusion Energy & Higher Ed Funding

On the 21st: There are more than 175,000 Illinois kids with a parent in prison - we spoke with some of these families and the organizations that help them stay in touch. Also, a fusion energy testing facility is starting operations in Illinois. And $600 million will soon start flowing to Illinois colleges and universities. We spoke with the president of Western Illinois University about what this means for his campus.

Kiss Me Kate ticket stub

The 21st Show - April 22, 2016

Friday Politics, Arts & Culture

On The 21st: Thursday night, Illinois university presidents awaited news of a funding measure that would’ve provided them with the first state funds in almost a year - until it fell through. We spoke with an statehouse reporter in Springfield who filled us in on Friday's activities, including the eventual passage of a bill that would enable funding for state universities. Plus, we spoke with choreographer Endalyn Taylor about the musical, Kiss Me, Kate, and her dance career; the Midwest and Jewish origins of one of America's most popular cookbooks; and we honor Prince with a song.

Black Science Matters screen capture

Black Science Matters

The 21st Show - April 18, 2016

The 21st: #BlackScienceMatters, & A New Galaxy Unveiled

A multimedia journalism project sheds a light the lack of representation of African-Americans in the sciences and engineering. We discussed what's being done about it. Also, we spoke withone of the astronomers who discovered a new "dark galaxy" 4 billion light-years away. 

Life expectancy disparities in Illinois

Austin Keating / Illinois Public Media

The 21st Show - April 15, 2016

The 21st: Life Expectancy Disparities, & Nuns For Social Justice

Why are the poor in central Illinois dying younger than in other parts of the country? We talked to researchers and health professionals to find out. Also, we spoke with the women behind the Ebertfest Film "Radical Grace."

The 21st Show - April 11, 2016

The 21st: Film, Baseball, Books - How Art Affects Life

On today's show: how the arts can help overcome stereotypes about mental health and disability. We also highlighted a new documentary on the life of Jackie Robinson, and talked about what makes a good children's book - in honor of Beverly Cleary's 100th birthday this week.

tap water

Flickr user artbystevejohnson

The 21st Show - April 08, 2016

The 21st: Water Quality Issues & A Stereotype-Smashing Organist

The crisis with lead in Flint’s water has led many communities around the country to ask: could this happen here? Today on the 21st, we talked with people from Chicago, Galesburg, and Decatur, to find out what those communities are seeing regarding lead and other problems with tap water. Also, musician Cameron Carpenter joined us to explain his not-so-traditional approach to playing the organ.

Chicago Marathon Runners

Creative Commons/NVitkus

The 21st Show - April 01, 2016

The 21st: Gender In Politics, And Why People Run Marathons

How has Hillary Clinton’s campaign changed the conversation about women holding political office? Some of our female politicians in Illinois weigh in on gender and politics. Then, as we approach marathon and half marathon season, many in Illinois will be taking on those 26.2 and 13.1 miles feats, whiles other are left others wondering "why?"

Lynn Rohrscheib inspects her soybean fields.

Courtesy of Lynn Rohrscheib

The 21st Show - March 21, 2016

The 21st: Trade With Cuba, & STEM Education

Before the embargo - U.S. agricultural exports to Cuba were worth about $600 million a year - in today’s prices.  Others estimate Cuba is a $1.2 billion market for agricultural exports if the embargo and other trade barriers are lifted. Today on The 21st we explored what an open Cuba would mean for Illinois. Also, how a team of Illinois State University researchers and a turtle are changing STEM education. 

The 21st Show - March 18, 2016

Chaz Ebert Talks Films, Politics And Diversity In Hollywood; MakerGirl

The CEO of Ebert Companies - Chaz Ebert - gave us a preview of what films will be featured at EbertFest next month and spoke with us about the role of politics and diversity in Hollywood. We also learned about an effort to get rural schoolgirls more excited about math and science, via MakerGirl’s 3D-printing workshops.

Campaign signs in front of the Brookens Administrative Center

Jeff Bossert/Illinois Public Media

The 21st Show - March 16, 2016

Post-Primary Wrap-Up: The Winners, Losers And Takeaways From Illinois Primary 2016

Politicans and special interests poured millions into this 2016 Illinois primary, with this unusual election season bringing lots of interest to both the presidential and even some local races. The 21st team brings you the winners, losers and takeways the day after the election, and looks forward to the general vote in November.

The 21st Show - March 14, 2016

The 21st: The Consequences Of The Political Divide

Welcome to our first edition of The 21st show! On March 14, 2016, we talked about our country's political divide and the consequences of what that means for Illinois. We also spoke with two student entrepreneurs who have co-founded an Illinois company working to create a new generation of prosthetic hands for amputees around the world.

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