democratic national convention 2016

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The 21st Show - July 25, 2016

Democratic National Convention; New Zika Virus Research; 17-Year-Old Fashion Designer

On the 21st: We'll talked about the Democratic National convention and got an overview of politics in Illinois. Plus, we spoke with researchers about a new research study out today that may lead to the development of better diagnostic tools for Zika infection. And, a teenage fashion designer shares how she turned her passion into a business.

Doctor Stress

The 21st Show - July 22, 2016

Physician Suicide; Beating The Heat; The Longest Line of Pencils in the World

Today on the 21st: We turn to doctors to help when we're sick, but who do doctors themselves turn to when facing stress and overwork? The tragedy is that suicide among physicians is more common than most people think - we discussed some of the factors leading to this. Plus, we talked about recipes to make in the heat with two Champaign chefs. Also, we talked with a group in Chillicothe who is attempting to set a world record - making the longest line of pencils in the world.

abortion protest

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The 21st Show - July 20, 2016

Illinois Abortion Providers; Illinois Independent Map Amendment; A New UIUC Chancellor

On the 21st: As neighboring states restrict abortion rights and services for women, many are coming to Illinois. Also, a circuit court judge has ruled against the independent map amendment. Plus, we spoke with the new chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Robert Jones.

Husked sweetcorn


The 21st Show - July 18, 2016

GMO Labeling Bill; Evangelicals & Trump; Third Party Candidates

On The 21st: What will the new GMO labeling bill mean for consumers? And Evangelical Christians are leaning toward Trump in the presidential race, but not without reservations. Plus, what options are there for people dissatisfied with their ballot options?

Attack in France

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The 21st Show - July 14, 2016

The Attack in Nice, France; Science & Science Fiction Reading List; Betty Esser Turns 102

On The 21st: As the world reacts to the most recent terrorist attack in the southern French town of Nice, we speak to a Nice native who’s recently relocated to Illinois. We also continued our summer books series with a talk about science and science fiction books with science communicator Joanne Manaster and Chicago sci-fi writer Marcus Sakey. Plus, we spoke with Savoy resident Betty Esser, who turned 102 this week.


Illinois State Dental Society Foundation

The 21st Show - July 14, 2016

Dental Care Issues In Illinois; Police Memorials; Tweetsense Technology

On The 21st: Millions of Medicaid patients in Illinois lack access to affordable dental care, and this week, volunteers from across the state are stepping up to help. Also, two events in Illinois started today to honor police officers who died in line of duty. Plus, can social media be used to predict voting outcomes?

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The 21st Show - July 13, 2016

Gun Violence, Trauma & Grief; The Old State Capitol’s Legacy; Financial Exploitation

On The 21st, we talked about the trauma and grief that families go through after losing a loved one to gun violence with a Danville father whose son was killed in a shooting ten years ago and a Chicago psychiatrist. Plus, we heard about the historical significance of the Old State Capitol in Springfield, where presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke today. We also talked about financial exploitation of the elderly with the director of a law clinic begun to help those very people.

Book cover of "Look At You Now", by Liz Pryor

The 21st Show - July 12, 2016

‘Look At You Now,’ A Memoir; Millennium Park Protest; Pokémon Go Goes To College (And Everywhere)

In 1979, Liz Pryor lived in a wealthy Chicago suburb when she found she was pregnant. Her parents decided to keep this a secret forever. Now she's telling her story in a new memoir, which we discussed with the author. Also, we spoke with Sophia Byrd, one of the four teenage women who organized yesterday's Black Lives Matter protest of more than 200 people at Millennium Park. Finally, Pokémon Go — it's a phenomenon everywhere. We heard from people playing it on college campuses, as well as from Jennifer Golbeck, Director of the Social Intelligence Lab at the University of Maryland.

The Poverty Industry: The Exploitation of America’s Most Vulnerable Citizens


The 21st Show - July 11, 2016

The Poverty Industry; State Politics Review - The End Of The Budget Beard

We talked with law professor and author Daniel Hatcher about his new book on America's "poverty industry" and spoke with an Illinois lawmaker about a proposal to protect money earmarked for foster children. Plus, in our weekly look at state politics, we spoke with the Peoria journalist who finally shaved off his "budget beard." 

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