The 21st Show

A Thanksgiving Special: Cooking Tips and Tricks, Local Farm Products, And Family Food Traditions


Niki Davis/Rooted in Food

On The 21st: Thanksgiving is officially a week away! On this special episode of The 21st, we speak with food writer Niki Davis about some of her favorite recipes and farmers throughout the state will tell us what they’re growing. Plus, we dive into some family traditions and memories that go far beyond the usual turkey and stuffing. 

Thanksgiving is just a week away! Are you ready with all your meal planning?

Niki Davis joined us to offer her tips. Niki writes The Taste column for The Southern newspaper and has has her own website called Rooted in Food. She also teaches Hospitality and Tourism Administration at Southern Illinois University. 


You can’t have a good meal without good ingredients. We were joined by farmers from across Illinois and the Midwest who bring us many of the foods we’ll have on our table.

Harold Wilken is the owner of Janie’s Farm Organics in Danforth, IL. We first met him in Bloomington at Green Top Grocery! Also joining us in studio was Traci Barkley from Sola Gratia vegetable farm in Urbana. And, on the phone from Cannon Falls, Minnesota was John Peterson. He’s the owner of the family-run turkey farm Ferndale Market.


And even though there are the classic staples like turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, everyone does it a little differently, whether you’re just changing things up, or bringing in some of your family’s traditions. 

Loui Liagridonis is the owner of Grovestone and he joined us in the studio. 

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