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State Comptroller Candidates; Where Candidates Stand On Guns; ‘Fair Use’ And Digital Learning


The candidates for Illinois Comptroller. Left to right: Republican Darlene Senger, Democratic incumbent Susana Mendoza, and Libertarian Claire Ball (Seth Perlman/AP)(Seth Perlman/AP)(

On The 21st: Gun control has been a hotly contested issue in 2018, and candidates in Illinois disagree on whether the solution is to make it easier or harder to buy a firearm. Plus, there’s a lawsuit dealing with digital copyright that could change how textbooks get used in university classrooms. But first, the comptroller is in charge of paying the state’s bills on time—a tall order given Illinois’ fiscal situation. We’ll hear from the three women are running for this position.

The Illinois Comptroller pays the state’s bills using the money it has. If the treasurer is in charge of the state’s investments, then the comptroller is in charge of the state’s accounting.

And in the upcoming election, there are three candidates: Democratic incumbent Susana Mendoza, Republican Darlene Senger, and Libertarian Claire Ball.

We aired these interviews, which we’ve recorded in advance, in the order candidates appear on the ballot in Champaign County.

Susana Mendoza is a Democrat and has been Comptroller since 2016 after winning a special election. She’s also served as Chicago City Clerk and as a State Representative.

We also spoke with Darlene Senger. She was deputy chief of staff to our current governor, Bruce Rauner. She’s also served as a State Representative and on the Naperville CIty Council. She’s the Republican candidate for Comptroller.

Finally, we spoke with Claire Ball. She is an accountant from Addison in DuPage County. She’s the Libertarian candidate for Comptroller. 


All week long we’ve been hearing about some of the biggest issues this election season. From healthcare to immigration to the economy, we’ve heard from experts about where our candidates stand. Today, we wrapped up those conversations with a discussion about gun control.

In the wake of mass shootings like Parkland, which was just nine months ago, more pressure is being put on politicians to enact gun control legislation. But, candidates in Illinois and across the country often disagree on the right solution.

Joining us was Rick Pearson, a longtime political reporter for the Chicago Tribune. He is also the host of The Sunday Spin on WGN Radio.

Also on the line was Amanda Vinicky, a correspondent for WTTW’s Chicago Tonight.


Today’s college classroom probably looks nothing like what you’re familiar with, especially if you graduated anytime before 2008 or so.

Much of learning is online. And many textbooks are, too. But that’s been a problem for publishers who still want to make money off what they’re printing.

That’s the heart of a lawsuit that’s been going on a decade. It’s been passed back and forth between lower and higher courts in a ping-pong series of rulings and challenges.

Two weeks ago, it was sent back to the 11th district court in Northern Georgia.

But it’s a case librarians and publishers are watching this case closely because it could have big implications for university libraries, teachers and students.

Joining us in the studio now to break this all down was Sara Benson. Sara is a copyright librarian and assistant professor at the University of Illinois library.

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