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Under The Radar Bills; Purchased Lives At The Holocaust Museum; Chicago Summer Music


Gov. J.B. Pritzker signs the state budget and legislation related to a graduated income tax in Illinois, during a bill signing Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at the Thompson Center in Chicago. Amr Alfiky/AP

There are more than 70,000 people in the trucking industry here in Illinois. How will the doubling of the gas tax affect them? That’s one of hundreds of bills passed this legislative session under the radar. We’ll talk about some of them. Also, we’ll get a tour of the Illinois Holocaust Museum’s newest exhibit. It focuses on the dangerous journeys that slaves made after they already got to America. And, it finally feels like summer! We’ve got a preview of some great summer music acts for you to check out.

If you’ve seen headlines about the end of the legislative session, there are probably some phrases you’re familiar with at this point: the income tax. The budget. Legalized marijuana. All big wins for Governor Pritzker and his Democratic colleagues in the General Assembly.

But there were hundreds of other bills that were passed by both chambers that could become law with just a signature from the governor. And they’ll affect all of our lives across the state.

Dan Petrella wrote about some of these bills for the Chicago Tribune, where he’s a state government reporter. Brian Mackey is a statehouse reporter for NPR Illinois.

Drivers in Illinois will also be paying double in gas taxes starting July 1 to 38 cents per gallon. Claire Bushey has been covering this for Crain’s Chicago Business.


When you hear "slave trade," often what comes to mind is the cruel and dangerous journey when Africans were brought by boat to this country. But you may not think about the journeys slaves made once in America, no less cruel and no less dangerous, and sometimes merely by foot.

This domestic slave trade is one explored in an exhibition on right now at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. It's called Purchased Lives. And I had a chance to visit before it first opened back in February where I was taken on a tour by the museum's chief Arielle Weininger.


With summer officially upon us, what could be better than getting out and enjoying some live music? But, between huge festivals, underground dives, and everything in between, it’s hard to know where to start. Don’t worry,  as you start to set your summer music lineup, we’re here to help you make your picks.

Sean Neumann is a freelance journalist based in Chicago. He’s written for Rolling Stone, Vice and Chicago Reader among others. He also plays in the Chicago bands Jupiter Styles and Ratboys.

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