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Farmers Struggle with Surpluses as Consumers See Empty Shelves


Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, we’re buying less food from restaurants and more from the grocery store. That’s meant headaches and surpluses for farmers, as they struggle to meet consumers where they are.

The coronavirus pandemic and changing consumer buying habits have left some grocery store shelves empty, but farmers with a surplus of fresh produce, dairy and meat.  

As major consumers of meat and dairy like restaurants and schools close their doors, food industry regulators are pushing for new policies and trying to figure out what to do with their surplus of supply. 

Brian Duncan joined us on the line. He’s a hog farmer in Ogle County which is Southwest of the Rockford area. Brian is also the Vice President of the Illinois Farm Bureau

Also joining us we had Raghela Scavuzzo — she’s Associate Director of Food Systems Development for the Illinois Farm Bureau.