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Becoming the country’s first noncommercial educational FM signal

Though 2022 technically marks the 100th anniversary of WILL’s AM operation, this year also happens to be the 80th anniversary of WILL-FM, which has an equally interesting creation story.

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Mid-American Gardener 30th Season

Mid American Gardener: Celebrating our 30th season of making the world a greener place!


Atomic Age Cocktail Party
Atomic Age logo with an illustration of a a table filled with people enjoying a elegant nightclub. Text reads Episode 1045 Lot Of Livin' To Do

Lot Of Livin’ To Do (1045)

This week, we’ve got a Lot of Livin’ To Do! A look at songs about life and living. The good life, the easy life, and the life lived to its fullest. We’ll…
Evening Concert

Milwuakee Symphony Orchestra - On Stage

Wednesday night December 7 at 7:00 on the “Evening Concert” on FM 90.9 it’s the “Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra”.  Music Director Laureate Edo…
Classic Mornings

Lento Dolce, Dude

Have you been out there yet?


The 21st Show
This Aug. 8, 2019, photo shows a plaster cast of footprints believed to be made by a Bigfoot on display at Expedition: Bigfoot! The Sasquatch Museum in Cherry Log, Ga. The owner of this intriguing piece of Americana at the southern edge of the Appalachians is David Bakara, a longtime member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization who served in the Navy, drove long-haul trucks and tended bar before opening the museum in early 2016 with his wife, Malinda.

Best of: Bigfoot sightings and skepticism in Illinois

A man claims he spotted Bigfoot along Illinois 78 near Chandlerville. We were joined by the president of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization and a…
Illinois History Timeline

December 7 Illinois History Minute

It’s December 7th, the day in 1941 when Japanese forces attacked the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu. More than 24-hundred Americans died in the attack,…
The 21st Show
Pharmacist Clint Hopkins displays the HIV prevention drug Truvada at Pucci's Pharmacy in Sacramento, Calif., Monday, Oct. 7, 2019.

Best of: PrEP: Ten Years On

Ten years ago, people began taking medication to prevent HIV infection. However, some communities in Illinois lag in usage of PrEP.


State of Change

State of Change examines how Illinoisans manage carbon

Carbon is a key to life on Earth. Whether its air, animals, people, plants, or water, it would not be possible without carbon. Human use of carbon means Illinois and our…
Mid-American Gardener

Jim Appleby Shows us How to Make a Critter-Proof Bird Feeder

A helpful trick to keep squirrels out of your bird feeders! Plus, John shows us the proper way to grow ginger.
County Fair

County Fair

County Fair takes an intimate look at a treasured American pastime through the lives of six people whose passion, preparation, and pride come together at the local fair. The…

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Miss Scarlet and The Duke

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