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College Behind Bars Documentary; Investigation Into Isolation Rooms; IL Drivers Caught Going 100 MPH or Faster

A new PBS documentary examines what higher education looks like in a New York State prison and how it affects the people who are incarcerated. And, an investigation from ProPublica Illinois and the Chicago Tribune found students across the state were being locked away, alone, in so-called quiet rooms... in some cases for hours and often for reasons that violated the law. Plus, so far this year, the Illinois State Police says troopers across the state have issued several thousand tickets to drivers for going 100 miles per hour or faster on Illinois roadways. 

University of Illinois College of Law

Legal Issues In the News

When WeWork Went Public

In this week's Legal Issues in the News, the University of Illinois College of Law's Verity Winship explains what happened when WeWork went public.

Illinois defenders bring down Northwestern running back Drake Anderson Saturday at Memorial Stadium in Champaign.

Vashoune Russell/for Illinois Public Media

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Northwestern Upsets Rival Illinois 29-10

The conditions Saturday at Memorial Stadium were a depressing combination of rain, wind and flop sweat. The home crowd was leaving wet and unhappy after witnessing rival Northwestern upset the bowl-bound Illini 29-10.

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The 21st Show

ENCORE: An Illinois Woman’s Role In The Moon Landing; ‘Sober Curious’ And Non-Alcoholic Drinks; NCAA Coaches And Health Decisions

Fifty years ago, an Illinois engineer named Barbara Crawford Johnson helped land astronauts on the moon. She was from Sandoval and graduated from the U of I. Today, we learn about her life, and what it was like to work on the space program all those years ago. Plus, there are many reasons why people don’t drink alcohol, and those numbers of people continue to grow. How are bars and restaurants starting to cater cocktails to the sober set? Also, a study finds that just half of collegiate level sports programs follow the medical model of care for student athletes. 

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