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tell me your full name please and your relationship to the bishop Kroger
okay hi my name is Dave Freeman singer
my dad is Bishop Theodore Anthony Freeman singer
that’s pretty lights
daddy tell me about what you know of your tell me when you first saw your father
talk about being a serving in World War 2 when you first start to hear stories


over the years Deadwood talk about the different time of being in the military
military we have Thea encyclopedia I would pull it out
what you know I was in World War II we knew that he was in ww2
to my brothers and I had two older one younger we know about him just being in the Navy
in the Navy but that was about it and we knew that he had been to lock
the Pearl Harbor area that was all we knew he really didn’t
really didn’t talk much about it and then a year or so before the


the project started on the World War II organizations
it was nice because he started to tell us a little more and found out that he was not
does not have in the war with him that we knew that he was
he was working at saya I cook books are in the system
one of the service because they were limited home with a cat with African Americans in the military
military and that he told her that he serve the captains and the Kings
10 things and I was about it when he started to become a little more in depth as we ask more questions


more questions about what what ship were young redheads have big mouths
where has a big mouth what was it like to be a little late start to explain
explain to her that was the USS Missouri USS Missouri
will based on things with red in history process when we were young nude it was a lot of
fighting at that ticklish up there and then dad really start to open up
and we found out that he had not just a job as a yacht
person serving captives on the ship by also had a second job working


working the guns hand that we started to find out the stories about
Bob how widen when he was involved in
and I’m working the gun that that there was a kamikaze pilot
fathead. Act - it hand whistle
what did you do this is where we demand this week at family ending in MO
and find out later that duh kamikaze
the pilot that actually struck the ship Ashley struck


who struck his gun torrent and I started this
describe in detail which let me know that it was something that had
happy stuck in his mind he was 19 years old and met a very impressive Olathe pet
time and to experience the death of another individual with us
what was the first time I ever seen my brother passed away and so he described
describe in detail and the way he describe it as I can describe to you
the detail you could see the picture of the pilot was swing around


psy coming in at them in their firing hurt during Emma left of the original
all your hearing is blasting and blasting in all of the sudden that
airplane slams into the Grand Tour there machine gun the pilots machine gun
girls get stuck in their gun torrent half of the plane
falls into the ocean along with half of the year pilot the other half
stocking and up falling onto the deck of the ship that S


when you say when your father started to share more details with you in the last year
did you or relationship with him
can change in any way to the way you see him change and what was the impact on U of H is sharing of his
kiss service no it didn’t change
chains that much because I have a strong love for my father
father as my brothers and I did but we have started to understand why
why he never spoke of these things I’m not sure if it was because he felt that we would be a


I wouldn’t be able to handle it or he wanted to wait until we were older so we wouldn
so we would understand it but I know it we love them
no matter what but the find out that it went through such a tough time and
came through and only Moroccan the Sleep Inn without data
scratch that that this medice 111 Livermore
and you know why he started to open up
who said well you walk thats help with starting to


no tear aid a little bit in sometimes you know
you know that the communication is the best tool to find out what’s going on
what’s going on with an individual as opposed to say write out your feelings sometimes you can
Express interview. Much quicker verbally than you can
the letter R some kind of writings are taping and we start
we started to talk with him Lauryn say when you know what happened on that s*** f*** damn thats a little more data
what were your duties in a 97 Toyota I was this


hehe did the different things that have to do but we could see that his house was starting to terrier
terrier and as the second McCabe around for him to talk
proper we notice how you started to have a little more energy
is it was starting to it was starting to see more here
is kind of like going down a little bit for us
so tell me it was actually you are suggestion I think that that really land to us being able to see
able to speak with your father tell us how that came about when there’s a gentleman that was


buy new name Dave Noreen and I we were talking one
Danny said that they are thinking about doing a segment on F World War II
Hyster are people that were in world war 2 end
I said well my dad was in ww2 and I describe to him the different things that I
phat daddy just recently started sharing and with that
that we decided hey let’s give dad a call and see if you’d be interested
Pennywise and there is some


Telus little more about what was it like them to prepare for is a nerve
interview today share any of that with you dad preparing for the end
the interview we all of the sudden found that that had the
posters of let me rephrase that he had
drawings of MacArthur which was
what was the name of a general in death at all so happy
a large scale portrait Aldi


at the signing of the surrender that just
that’s just wasn’t in on the USS Missouri as a
person serving the captains Anna Gunn how working with a gun turret
the also was there when they signed the
what we want to call that I surrender the surrender and that if it nearest beer store
Torey Hayden get to tell but the first sign
signing that they did they had to redo it because of this


the Japanese signed in the wrong place and they were all gif
I’ll give it all the members of the ship with given an actual copy of the original where it was Friday

finding the correct place but he started to pull out lots of memorabilia
so you got to see some things that you didn’t know yet if
and if you make those drawings is he an artist as well that is a great artist that is one of those back
is there people that can drive you and you look like yourself from the actual


12 /7 little spots on your face if you have them
is it that great of an artist anything I’ve seen some
some of his drawings at 6 since the program has started to pull out I can do
The Woodlands scene suggest spectacular but he loves doing puzzles
hot dad will pull out the puzzle
puzzle that says 5000 pieces a twerkaholic
I think God for his patience and get it now


and how old is your phone I know if I’m correct that is about 82
what are there impacted how is your father prepare to talk today
how to Double O TV for his interview at all other things did you notice that he’s doing
well that the started to become a little more spry
are bubbly wanting to talk with us discuss things are also contact us
cactus groups of individuals that have been on the Missouri
because he’s got started contacting the different organizations


within the military of retired military people I mean he actually started
Dona lot more than just kind of
waiting for his time
things that sleep gave him that the
I want that I need that ability to express himself Ray was a table
able to before I think I think
thinking my words one of the first part of that sentence can you tell if you can what you felt WL gave your father with


Hollywood this opportunity and hope they gave him a chance to
really express his viewpoint on in before
4 people would just hear him now that listening to him without
attitude or without the air what I say
without criticizing
I mean it he was we realize with dad that he is not just
I just gone into the military when the way he was speaking things apart of


part of history I think I think of it a member of your family
your family is a part of history and not just history but American history
history and part of the military the privateer
scrape family in the Father and he came to the
rental event that we had I saw you in heaven
ocean in the audience tell me what what
is that also part of this sort of changing your father is it wrong


when we went to see the Tuskegee Airmen in a rental when will
I put on their program there god that was able to Sydney audience of the listen and
later on I get a chance to talk with some of the Tuskegee Airmen and explain to him that he had that ended
attended Tuskegee University and so that was a great time for that video of the talk about
talk about that all you know the location where is the fact that he worked in the military base while they were
how they were actually training at different times I made him feel good
it was changing him because Dad was always sitting at home except for going to


well his schooling because it was an adult that he was normal
when are we just going to sit at home but all the sudden we would try to call them
and we have to try to catch them on the cell phone because they were at the museum
MLP for this is important that have been living in Rantoul
never let go to the museum never
because of the turmoil of that day
day that he is experienced with the a kamikaze pilot


now he was going after the Tuskegee Airmen and Wolf sex video
big a programmer dad was going we call them to see what they were doing hanging out with
what’s the skinny guys and gals in oak when to go flying with a little later
little later it was like wait what about us
do you have to get on your dad’s appointment book yes they were quite this
this is retarded well we’ll meet you for breakfast gotta catch you later
hang out with a group by their getting one of the other planes and then we’re going to go check that out to


welcome to go over to visit some of the middle men
men at the what is at in Danville the VA hospital
Hospital cuz there is some people if they knew there in a fight 1
cause when you get a chance he was a result of him
being invited to tell his story it make that big of a difference in
difference if you allow him to express his true feelings and Sheri
ensure his heart but the world in a way that I have never been able to express it before


por and this one has pieces on tele
on television do you should share that experience together what would you do
well we call the round all the relative and the
this quite a few with my grandmother had 3650 this area
and that’s call the relativistic told him it was coming on
I love those I get a chance to see if and later on lyrics to show them to DVD
they were standing up and cheering in Ohio


happy here at the end of his presentation to kind of funny stuff
email my dad ok these are his nieces and nephews I want is it
I want to take him out to dinner Xpress that take care
redhead just enough to touch that is disabled
falling up then and now with prices he’s not that kind of a bed bug
the palace it was heartfelt greyhound
so this was with you right now in March and this was the event for September 9th


and I think the new center fielder father before a month or so before that how is your father now
are now is discontinued is he he’s he’s doing better
well he still trying to get to you think about I listen to
The Hobbit news Ohio now what about that I listen to the news live
how the gentlemen and ladies are coming back from Iraq
and how they try to get medical benefits and he’s a man that serve
what’s served in World War II and you still haven’t gotten his benefits buddy struggling


what is getting their benefits
there’s a lot of stories in here when I getting really f****** in 10 Things I can tell there’s a lot
Stilwell ok well this is in their head
where is the moon pretty

Oral history interview with WWII veteran David Freeman