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I have is Joseph hamburgers November 14th 2007 or 308
X Factor band Illinois my name is Brent Cochran and videographer
where is Henry Ratcliff
Robert what’s your date of birth May 25th
25th 1914 1914 n. U joint
join the army where you drafted are you doing with that I was drafted in Grand Rapids how do u


how do you feel about being drafted
I didn’t even checked I wasn’t one of these
skunk judges on judging other thing like that I was ready
the goal of the only thing that bothered me was that my wife was 5
was 5 months pregnant and I wouldn’t have love
to have been present at his birth which I was in labor
able to and I ask for a deferment of 70 miles


and I was denied so I accepted
suppose that night when the army in May of
43 how’s your wife Angela how did you feel about you
she wasn’t very happy but she accepted to the shed new the third
million seller men Aladdin
under the same circumstances as I was the
when into the service and she shakes after lifting


make the best of it weird to live in the time that you were drafted
I live in Champaign Illinois did you have the opportunity
opportunity choose which service your going into work today just tell you you’re going alright I didn’t
I didn’t have that I didn’t volunteer for this particular service solo
I had to go where ever they decided it was at third
discretion and I
I didn’t really know when I was after


after my induction into the army at Camp Grant
we were put on a train
the destination of love which we didn’t know
Nolan we didn’t know we travel to travel all day
through the night until the following morning hand
and we were in Texas and we were greeted
greeted at the station


buy some officers and I immediately saw the insignia
neon their colors and when I saw the cross rifles I knew I was in the
was in the infantry how do you feel about that well
I was a little surprised what the accepted as the
you know after all the infantry is the queen of battles Luna Bella
it’s the pits allowed to be a part of the infantry
because I did a lot of very important work at any rate


the ascent to camp Wolters
welders Texas just a short distance from Fort Worth
worth it was the largest
infantry replacement training center IRTC
in the country I didn’t know that at the time
timer to find out later is divided into different battalions
and I knew it wasn’t


wasn’t going to be easy acceptable in the
get a figure is given. The series of
casts and
how to say yeah what qualifications you had then they wanted to know what
no what your IQ was and they wanted to know

some of the other qualifications you might have that you weren’t even aware of


and it so happens that the one of the two
the test was listening to a series of sounds
followed by a series of other sounds
you were supposed to designate
the second son was the same or if it was different
I have no idea what that was for what I meant but I was told
so later on that I scored very high on that and


and I was being mp3 trained as a rifleman
my 4 month I love my special day with me radio operator because they
they really said are you a ham radio operator because you did so well on the test
I said no and I was pleased because I thought that was
that would be kinda nice and it turned out to be nice
so long with my basic training as a rifleman
prolong with all the other mp3 rifleman in also


what’s trained as a radio operator learning the Morse code
code so forth and they have a special way of teaching you know they say
there’s no right way and the army way I’m sure you heard
you heard that expression but I want to tell you
the army method of teaching I thought was excellent for example I’ve never
I never fired a weapon of my life and when we were
giving a rifles for the first time and


what train how to use them were trained about the nomenclature
how to disassemble a tends to assemble at Anza
is that let method of teaching is so good that the
I think that any person live with a little white pill with AV node
trouble learning how to handle a rifle and
we got soul
efficient with that that we took great pride and see if we could


disassemble and reassemble it in the dark and we would do that
what do that are on our thoughts at night turn the lights off take the rifle
rifle apartment by touch tell what each friend we had to learn the moment
Fletcher we could tell by the touch what he was
was not was to be assembled into your weapon and
and it was miraculous to me and when I came
came time to go to the firing range I never shot a weapon before my life


first time I made marksman Manhattan
subway weeks later we went to the range for second time in eye
made sharp shooter and I was pretty proud of that fortunately I never
I never have fire my weapon during my combat experience in a very happy about
happy about that how old were you Thunder you infect your house
I was 29 how did that affect your basic training experience Nevada how did I
how did it how did that affect your basic drinks .3 treated the same way this new guy


the same and I was in the train
cleaning company with mostly
young latin I would say 18 19
20 and the training was pretty Ricky
reckless records and I never fell out of a hike and
and so it goes hikes marching with food with pretty tough going uphill
particularly and never had


never had any trouble of going through the
infiltration course so far
what you had to protect your weapon
weapon and crawl on the Hudson
the sand can get very hot in Texas in the summertime
what time and crawl under barbed wire live machine gun
gun was firing over head and you have to keep your body pretty flat to the ground


the ground so you were really close and I went through that never that it was
landing ship trailer exercise
I remember one incident
when do we had to go up a hill which was
which was pretty steep in full field pack
helmet rifle and all of the sudden
somebody yells out gas in a mediately


you have to take your gas mask out and put it on it and continue
climbing that remembers least 8 pill
well when we got to the top of that to everyone was exhausted
just exhaustion fever give me a few moments to rest with
which we did it when I got it was a landing ship trailer left
after that we went through that that wasn’t so bad was climbing up a rope
upper rope ladder from love a little boat onto a mock ship


ship when I got back to the barracks is lunch time
hi I didn’t eat lunch that day I just have something very very lonely
red light but the iron the respect of all these young
youngsters pool a lot of me were a
college graduates for the Sleep Center in the ASTP that was a
program for students and we had that here at the University of Illinois
and the days start to call me


old man but they respected me I never once
fell out of any force marcher or any disease
exercises that we had to perform in the basic training for a number
reminders pretty pretty difficult
who wrote the song proud of that and
I think that takes care of that ass back
but not when you left Texas did you go to England when you left Texas where did you go


tango I’ll I was lucky green light
greenlight training FB after the
d 13 week training cycle lanyard
when you’re at the mercy of the army you don’t know what’s going to happen to you
the just so happens that on the very last day of her
basic training it was a Saturday
saturday in UCWeb with that with a buddy of mine we would go into town have dinner


go to a movie and so forth I suddenly felt
sick I just I wasn’t well I wasn’t myself
and I’m never telling my friend
as we are walking to the bus we were going right by the
dispensary is that s where you going off I said hello
Harold you know what I really feel pretty tough I think I’m going to see
things that can help me I went in and the nurse


cursory examination for the thermometer in my mouth
hello sir what temperature is she said that
soldier I want to go back to your barracks get your toilet articles for so forth
Forest Hill going to the hospital I said what she said
so that they don’t tell you what’s wrong with you so I
I was in the hospital I found out African to give me a private room with us


a steamer so I guess right away I had pneumonia
why was in the hospital for about 3 weeks
at that time is it in have the technology or the
drugs to not pneumonia does very quickly
NT Wright while I was on my husband
Hospital bump in the ward are first sergeant in the platoon
2 liter of town with my first sergeant in all is the follow up


fallout stripes in the middle of diamond in the middle
came to see me and I was kind of surprised
surprised they sent him but we need your signature here you are on orders to go to Fort
Fort Benning Georgia for advanced infantry training and you have to be deleted
deleted because your sick I was very happy
free happy about that because I know of other
Giada’s after basic training you love me if they were sent the Benning


finding the next thing was overseas and I was during the app
the African Kente another friend of mine I have been experiencing
Branson d1.5 think he was killed on the one of the beaches band
battle of Cassino or something like that solo
as a result of that I had I
my training cycle was over and the third
there there everyone listen chef Tupperware number of me and we


we didn’t have too much to do when we would play ball
paintball war Hardkiss Doolittle
marching drill just for the fun of it so forth
and the one day of the
force actress in Hamburg I would you like to go to Henry school
I said what does having problems he gave me an idea
I said I think that being good I did he said I do to you said you


get yourself together in one is different part of the Campa Blast 3
3 weeks you have training to become
NCO of the noncommissioned officer
so I really enjoyed that it was a tie
at the time of year when early
early autumn and the weather was good and the one eye
when I was through and after the 3 weeks it came back in the short leg


shortly after that I was promoted to Pfc
that’s a big thing in a while you’re just a lowly private and
you get the PFC stripe you take a level rising but it everyone
and the sergeant
Hamburg I want to be sure to have those stripes sewn on
underwear and I don’t want you to put them away European absinthe
Casino and you be proud of that which I did and


and the still continued
duh duh I was the same as a result of that I was assigned to the country
which I was happy about this
but then the iPod radio code train to use radio code
and after short time
what time the first action call me in the order you ruins it
Hamburg just been promoted to corporal


why was proud of that I had my stripes sewn on and
define I was there for almost a whole year
ss member vocabulary teaching so far
and the then I received orders
borders that I was being shipped to
CVS close to port of embarkation I knew that was
in preparation of going overseas


in the meantime I left upper very important part of my life
while we were on a field problem
problem during my basic training the Wii
what way out in the wilderness someplace nurse look a lot of areas were the wilderness
in Texas and we were bivouacked
because it was there training


training program of different several days
we get STAAR shelter halves in Hannibal which resulted in the pup tent
Compton to mentor a pop dance one night
I had to fall asleep in Elizabeth around close to midnight I see her
I see headlights turning right into the opening of the pub
the pup tent and her voice is Hamburg
yes sir yes sir front center I came up and said


I know my wife
wife was just about ready for delivery so he said hamburger
proud father of a bouncing baby boy I said wonderful
who said we’re going to love you to go in the camp get your uniform
Farm Animal cake you in the Jeep that you can make telephone call which I did


did but that time it was 2 o’clock in the morning I called my mother in law
and she gave me all the particular solution
I was extremely happy my wife with saw
futsal write my mother lies and who does he look like
she’s so he’s beautiful 50 most beautiful

what kind of symmetry does four and a half months old


console I got my first furlough is born
middle of September and I got my 40 in January
Amanda it was wonderful to be home again even for short time
and to become acquainted with my new son who just wanna have fun solo
solo and then
I was lucky if I got my orders to the border Port of Tampa
complication I was lucky to get ahead


another word for Lowes the land road they give me time
the time between the time you left camp to go to your destination nude
head I got a 10 day leave for which I was very happy I got to spend
spend that ur home with seven head already is he was
the 6 month old in
and the from that I was a series of 0.37
federal camps in them over to England for March


mark rating and finally Dover to France
that’s another story how did that feel when you found out
finally going to France how do I flinch when you left England to head the fray
how was that well when I left England to go to France that first
the first time I knew that we were going to the battlefield
I knew that right away. We were put on
ships and then go we got off the ship we were on the Sun


the landing crafts and the one we got to
sure you’re the ship science hello to go
to go to close to the shore because of being grounded
Verizon Center Cincinnati Atlantic craft texture to the shore
but this this was
Atlanta to Utah Beach
July 14th 1944


and of course nobody was firing at us
these b****** have been secured and the headlights
Allied forces have been able to penetrate does the duck the halls
whole front from east to west was approximately 50 miles
and the area that stadia occupied was about 15
10 to 20 miles deep so there really was a lot
salata real estate did the Allied forces own


can you hear can you hear the comet going on in this interview how where
I wear a fun but once in a while you could hear you little rumbles
that we were we were right near a little
little town named new CD is IG NY
and I could never tell her
how big that Tom was Norwegian allowed to go in town
sound to visit with the natives and


hand up but I do know that we were bivouacked in the area just right outside of
side of a double park the reminder be a lot of the Westside Park in Champaign
and the Normandy is known for its dairy
dairy products and other day there they were lot of dairy products
and I’m alluding to the fact that you see me you really didn’t mean
being very much too baby I didn’t know that we were about to
15 miles from st. Louis Missouri capital city


is Normandy that was the reason that the progress
address of the Allied troops was being ham Pertwee Lou Reed I couldn’t move
booty just went 1520 miles and the ugly
temporal setting with the control of the Romans and so forth
couldn’t do it very easily
how to cure did you feel when you were there did you
you feel like you’re in a combat zone or did you feel like you’ll have everything this actually win the division


who was in the rear of the company that we were maybe 15 or 20
20 miles away from the real action and we we went over it
free replacements mp3 trained Eastwood
foothills protective especially if he had one and we’re just waiting to be a science
and we had no idea where we’re going and we had
we have no duty to perform so we we would just let me play a little boy
little ball on one of the very


wonderful things was the daily newspaper that the armed services
Mrs president called the Stars and Stripes where you are in the service of Montreal
with that well we got that paper we devoured earth
cover to cover up because that police the progress of the war
what is going on and
we were just waiting to be a sign
love that I landed there on July 14th but I


really wasn’t signed to a division of the first week of August
so I was. Of a couple of weeks during that time
what time were you feeling really ready to get in go wherever you happy that you’re well
well I was preparing myself for an event adventure
eventually I was just hoping that I would be with a
whats a good outfit to wear to your buddies would be friendly and I was home
I was hoping that I would be assigned as I knew it


new RB signed as a dream but as a radio operator and
luckily I was signed to the 2nd Infantry Division
9th Infantry Regiment 3rd
battalion headquarters and I got to know the fellows
they were all really not nice guys
will take care of a hamburger pictures of Robeson all that and I felt the cure because
because for such a long time I was attached and undersigned and now I


how I found a hole when I report it to the
sup company commander
who is the captain I reported my Sennheiser
amber I see you’re a corporal you said our table of orders doesn’t call for
4 nc all with your grave
grade I said last time I had gotten to know
the mode of fellas I said capital pussy


but I want to sleep here
dentist what don’t worry about that then and I did get the SE as a
radio operator handle
and the sea will very happy in your new unit why do people fear comfortable nude
your new unit yes I did and I knew the dangers that exist in the
and all this experience of these other
men in the office were pretty is low season for Less


the last time they had been in right from the very beginning and they would tell you things
things that will help you along and it is so you the real
Serena McKenna feel very comfortable
when when did University move out move more towards the front
the front line when did you first had toward the front lines that vary
evening at the that I was assigned that is
let evening another


fella in the communication sex and I think
wireman that’s telephone and I was
why was the radio operator they handed me enough CR 300 which was
Furby have a radio that I had a sling over my back
will I carry my weapon and he said
Hamburg we have to go to the command post
when was dark and he said I know


I know it is he said just walk along with me and the
if any flowers are shut up by the Germans
just stand still and be absolutely motor
motionless because you have no idea how bright does flowers are
and1 did go up shortly after we started out and I just lit up
set up the whole countryside and we stop
and finally if the


lost its a full power as it was coming down to
the earth and we were able to proceed and we finally got
Torah I was a little farm house in the world
and when we entered the woods a black cloth hanging in the doorway
doorway height is a light because then if you were exposed to much like
select your target so loud
I was so they had sort of a little love


excavation something like the solar and I went down there and put
Dr phones on and I didn’t have to do it I just miss
listen and I just heard a lot of huh alot of activity
Debbie going on that was all the radio signals which I couldn’t understand
understand because they were so fast so many I have no ID
no idea but I was told that this the listener monitor so far
and that was my first experience in combat


to go back to win the flare was shot how how did you feel hurt your standing there waiting for the light to go off
I felt exposed to be surprised
I’ll break that was I just felt expose anyway
when I finally have subsided we are able to go forward
I thought that are on the way to that from outside
encountered my first dead GI which
Lozada bad experience


f*** you learn to love yourself
and the hectic septic Handa
I am
I want to mention one thing about the city Sydney the town
just a little side light experience
40 years later when I f*** my wife while we were on a
a little trip to Europe alone on the sightseeing tour


f****** real Honda sightseeing bus we visit the invasion area
and we were on the support lane beautiful highway and I was looking out the window
at the window and all of a sudden I see a good size psilocin Musi
UCT highest ranked NY yogurt capital of the world
I said Merle take a look this is where I’ll end this is where you talk because I gotta feeling
excited and we didn’t have time to go into
toddler was just like to see what it was like


do you remember
remember the first time you saw German soldier
first German soldier I saw was a prisoner of war and the
I was very happy about that the
is there human beings and the whole earth number 1
are one of the story of a wise guy says he was cursing a sin
Union 11 cinemas


rhetoric about General Eisenhower
is it that guys called in the salt kind of trouble speaking
little English thats thick German accent
after that I saw a lot of German prisoners and the light
like the feeling you have when you see them marching
I haven’t seen them as prisoners
colors that change the way you look at them as combatants I didn’t hear


after after seen them up close is prisoners like that in Phoenix people how did that make
that make you feel about them when it was in a conflict
there he loses a hand in the
they have feelings and then the other at the mercy of
city of their governments of the leaders in the Air Force
Air Force Air Force to do what they have to do that doesn’t mean
listen mean the day were sympathetic to the Nazi cause for example


sample July I really didn’t have any ill feelings towards them
and I remember when I was on the hospital ship going from Earth
Normandy back to England
they have prisoners of war who were wounded wear ride along side of
find all of the GIS and they were given the same treatment
why you think they were given this is a very same medical treatment and I want to tell you
does the medical department of the army did a magnificent job


p****** hug
Seth thats another story was with hairy situation that you
you felt like I need a drink sleep being attacked by the enemy did you ever have a well
we were in Normandy is
end action actually for several days
and then we were pull up put in reserve and
that means you don’t see any action then during that time


US seller in the Special Services Department of Motor Vehicle
very very good about sending entertainers and write up at the front
Dinah Shore shemale

steely and I remember all of the GI is we didn’t have church
the tears we turned our helmets over and set on the door helmets


with our rifles salon stylist in The Godfather
what that was great and that’s the only entertainer that you really got to see
anyway after short time is
in the Normandy we were
told that we were going to another destination and we were
we were put on transport trucks and
it was the second Infantry Division the 29th Infantry Division


fishing who fought alongside the second part of the war
and a battalion of Rangers
we order order to go to the port city of breasts
Brest France and to capture the
capture the city which was being held by an elite paratroop division
that duh but not use to be
tubing defeated they were Kraft outfit


and the it was there
it was the latter part of the heartless
but I would get weak forever alone I think I finally got there early
early of the following morning and we didn’t go in
go into the attack mode until later on
and the dream of horses
occupy the city which they have the high ground


highground there actually we were looking down our throats will we attack we were at
turbo disadvantage Betty Wright
29th of August
hi sticking a foxhole with
with my buddy is everything in the Army is buddy system
lambda fortunately with the hedgerows
Rose mofford of a wonderful shelter


from enemy fire and they vary in size
I remember we was a word
Duggan behind head rozerem a be a 2 feet high
sometimes there were 3 or 4 feet high this particular Head Road what some bars
darkside ever seen it was about 10 feet high lol 5 feet
fake sick so that was pretty good cover
so my buddy and I were dating f*** soles and then


things the germas certain shell
has a head at 8 millimeter cameras mounted on tagged
text which was one of the best weapons
in the German army and
panda gets fired as shell
but this long about this big around hello muscle
the muzzle velocity of 3000 feet a second mountain m1 rifle


takes a 30 caliber bullet which is
about this morning maybe about as big as a little
little finger has a muzzle velocity of 20/952
so you can imagine when I shut like that
it is so fast when you hear the muzzle blast
less than a second later
the shell is there nude has exploded so what you hear


you hear is boom boom the second boom is the Explorer
slow motion and play service Charlotte
Ellis and fortune lady husband
behind the hedgerow with a hit on the other side of the hedge row and suddenly
my left arm went numb and I thought of
photos from the ocean and the
involuntarily I start to shake my arm hoping that it would


the feeling would come back and then my buddy who is sticking with a soda
hamburger dip I looked online
this is this is a you get ahold of hair in a hole here
Handa is that was the extent of my guy didn’t know how
House series was but I find out later after surgery that
they had the the bullet or the shrapnel


injure the median nerve and my arm ascetic
the cast from here to here hug with a diagram show
show UA with which to see the doctor if any one this one to know one
you know what’s wrong could see what a love and
when when you found out when you realize you’re wounded
do you feel scared or relief store
I was terribly surprised


IAAI I can’t describe
describe my emotions and I wasnt relieved
I was worried what’s going to happen to me and right away
right away at after the when the shelling stop the first sergeant always go
always goes around the other side anybody hit anybody
my body says yes I do hamburgers have Harry’s Hamburg go back
go back the aid station and I started back


I didn’t know where the aid station was I had asked when will GI is on the way in
give me some directions and finally I got there and the

before that point and you had any friends wounded
what does it all were any of your friends ever wounded before before you heard you
did you experience no no no
Twitter I fit in that section in the communication section that was here


what was hit now what happens software that I have I’ve no knowledge but I
no longer with me being wounded with her

leader who was this first to tell him he was struck in the left
left and I remember sitting in the ambulance with her first was
who was the Tennessee think I’ll be able to come back pussy up
Seattle 5th after I get out of the hospital had no idea the extent of my injury


he said I was sure I never saw him after that or did I
never get back to my office what was your experience in the house
hospitals in the 8th station I have nothing but the highest respect
for the cymatics the whole night
old medical department of the army all away from the mess
the mass unit that I went to hug her that was
that was the summer before the mast movies so you had no idea


idea what it was like but after seeing the movie abyss very similar that every
Kansas City everything intense I was put on a gurney Anna Hathaway
the way all night enterable
horrible pain before I was taken to surgery because they had somebody
wounded men anda
I remember this is the treatment
treatment that we got the efficiency and the I 10


the tension and the speed
weed with which they did things it was really heartwarming honest
I remember when I was finally
taken into the operating room golf everything
cancer I was in my soul in my uniform
uniform with my boots on everything leggings


anda immediately the nurse
nurse on one side sheet successors and cut my sleeves off
hello weathered my alarm Saturday shave it
Panda the doctor on the other side
Bed Head the Sun the same thing with this Arlington Texas
Skype slave auction so far Panda
he has a needle in his hand


and then he slapped my
the inside of my arm just like this and these
somebody said make a fist which I did I said what what
what’s that little for is over this is only anesthetic
Dennis Levitt have a cousin you gotta be kidding I told you think so
tell them to tell remember
remember as he stuck the Midland Ari Melber City LA


I didn’t even get to finish say the number one and I was out like
sounds like a light that was sodium pentathol that that was
can anesthetic of shorter duration of the after they put Dillards
little sleep then they give you the heavier dosage
picture of that up of anesthetic
static so I like saying I know I will
will couple was 90 in the morning


sunday shining birds were singing I was on us
Kansas cop
first thing I do is look to see if my mom was so bad it was in this cast
Castle mansion what’s a diagram of what happened
the Horde boy came along I don’t think it was morning
70 R 18 years old nas one and one sister young kid was
Deli in the Army and he was ugly


emetic you like a nurse taking care of patient
aMDA what is all that I have to wake and he came over
how you doing soldier I said okay I’m at home in some pain
which I was for a long time and I said I’m hungry
hungry owl footprint get some breakfast with you eventually dead
aMDA he ran his hands over my
my face which was I had a pretty good growth of Barrington


are you need a sunshade soldiers is a fake show up and he did he came
came back later and shave man brought me breakfast
Panda from there on in it was
getting ready to Beshine
Keisha back to the hospital in England
huh la continue the little further
whether you have any questions I could go on and on and on


when you were in England what was the experience like that in the in the hospital did you have an account
contact your family that timer I was able to write letters Etsy Laconte
contact I have I was sent to a general Hospit
Hospital which uses the elite that’s what they have their own
all the facilities that you need nothing first class hospital and I was there
I was there for about 3 months they perform the bus free more surgeries on my
on my r1 and the hermits


went through a period of the therapy physical
physical therapy when they remove the cast my arm was about
this big around but they said don’t worry about it on guitar
get back to normal size and I have the highest respect for the
medical department of the army they does a magnificent job
Panda after earth
after I stay in the hospital old is sodame several days


days after I got to the hospital big second of officer
who was a major in full uniform quemadura war
Lorde calls out the names of four people of which mine was won
does one of them and said gentleman happy to
award you with your Purple Heart solo
we all stand there and the Sun was a Mac
cinecast and he handed me my Purple Heart which I took in the


cooking this and then you start back
I couldn’t return this solute
but he understood anyway
after that it was a series of rehabilitation centers and interviews
who is supporting salon until live
finally round up the
with the replacement depo


Denver VA Belgium Hulu
what about the time in the Battle of the Bulge took place New York process
Russell C troops going to the front end
I had a job in their classification
sketch the section which I was happy about and we just pray
just process troops going through
Panda finally


Anna Mae the eighth of a year the war ended
analyst the process of going home
new homes through the points system rewards points
if you reach the certain level of points you got to go home and
and the my last place of silence was in Rams
Rams francaises champagne capital of the world at the little ribs
red school house where the peace treaty was signed and that was widely


Clayton experience for me were you there when the peace treaty was signed
no no what’s a fair die after work I got there I think it was then that
hello maybe
maybe September hand
I would never marry a bong from there and then when the
the lovable. You needed the became a t4i
4 I’m ever had a 4.0 and I was on my way home so


I was relieved of duties iron sent to lab
another headquarters in Findlay
down to Marseille France in the shift up at home
separated from the Army at Camp Grant again in Illinois
where I was Masood into the army and the
got them home and to see my young son


run again who was at that time to the half years old
and that was the first time you that was not real happy really the first time I seen him and me
year and a half and you remember what you did your first the few weeks home
how you spell huh
visiting with family and visitor with friends
make preparations to
things to leave the community we move move to Minneapolis


swear my in laws were from in the hole service
venturi week we came back have back to Champaign
Spanaway Ben Hur ever since what was life like when I return back to normal for
when did it return when life return to normal when you got back into it
noir leather guess
awful lot of servicemen the dead that I’ve come back
and the littlest hook up their lives


where they had left the moon just continued on those that were lucky enough
enough to come back ir
can answer your questions I forgot
said I want you to read this particular thing
thing that I prepared to give people
some insight on this is already
related to detail in the sea


everything is it safe to let up to attend the
the importance of a anyway this is what I wrote
this is just a couple of minutes it is important first of all
Baltimore to recall
when to talk about all the preparations and planning that took place
place prior to the actual version by the supreme commanders
of this massive invasion army


this fighting force was comprised of three United States divisions
two British divisions in 1 Canadian division it was a green
reeds at the United States General Dwight d. Eisenhower would be the supreme commander
commander of the entire allied nation army consisting of
listing of 1500000 soldiers
5300 ships and boats evolved
Devol description + 2500 landing craft


in the early morning of June 6th 1944
4000 ships carried a hundred fifty thousand American
American British Canadian and Polish troops
across the English Channel to France in the air 11
11000 fighter planes bombers and transports 45
Titan support by the end of the day 15000 allied soul
did soldiers would be dead or wounded this represented


the largest amphibious landing in world history
history and it was indeed the beginning of the Allied
liberation of Europe the American forces
cyst on the Normandy coast at Omaha Beach Utah Beach
the name of that which I believe are from the year to all Americans
and the British Army is assaulted
gold sword and sword beaches in the Canadian


Canadian forces landed on Juno Beach these were all codename
old names of the different areas of invasion I would like
I would like to point out that D Day took place
63 years ago
. Representing
3 full


34 generations of people
I am estimating that a good many of them or neither born
where to young tree called assist Oregon vent
and I know I must be difficult for them to grasp the mega
magnitude of this military action in any rate
great invasion proved to be successful and by the end of the day


end of the day all five beaches were secured
and by the evening the anime
anime with Sun dragon back away from the Normandy coast
and from that point in my related
my involvement in the war
thinking of you like the same
about your crush any ain’t no reason


I can’t say I love her but the medics
is the world really wonderful

just happy to be here
very much good job


if I’ll be on it

what will taking dude
do other things with one side



Joseph Hamburg served in the Army infantry in Europe, participating in the Normandy campaign and the battle for the city of Brest in the Brittany region of France. He also served in the army of occupation in France and Belgium.