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Klevah | ART/BTS

Urbana-based hip-hop artist Klevah shares her passion for music, performing, and activism.

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Photos courtesy of Klevah Knox

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- I definitely know what it feels like to struggle, I know what poverty feels like. Something about hip hop really stuck with me and it is the one genre of music I guess that speaks to me spiritually. So, I didn’t have my mom around for a while and as I was growing up it didn’t mean much I guess, but as I got older I definitely would say that was something that created a void inside of me. Part of my music is definitely therapeutic in that way. It wasn’t really I guess until college that I started to look at pursuing my artistry as a profession. It started as a little seed when I was like three and then it just grew with me in different ways. Over time, I realized that I was kind of made for this. I’m really aware of the messages that I put out, especially now that I have like younger girls who are listening to my music. Because I know what I’m capable of, I know what it, what an inspiration I can be. A lot of my songs like… I’ll be like you this, and you you, but it’s really like me telling myself these things. It’s like a conversation with myself. It’s an ongoing conversation with myself. Like, I feel like we are really saying some things that people are afraid to say, that people aren’t even thinking of saying and we are women, so people are just naturally attracted to it. I expect people to just challenge themselves and how they think about black girls, and what they think about hip hop. And also controversy, you know, we talk about some topics that people have an opinion on and so we can open up that conversation in a really raw way. The more connected I am to a piece and the more I’m looking at somebody in their face when I’m saying it, like that gives the same feeling that I get when I actually wrote that piece of music, if not stronger because I’m sharing it with somebody. That’s the best feeling in the world. I don’t know anything that feels like that. I decided to develop a management team for Klevah, specifically um, and that’s an all-girl management team, we know what Klevah is, what it looks like, what it’s going to be, what it has the potential to do. So now it’s just getting people to believe in that. As an artist if you’re serious about it not only do you want to make money but you wanna have spread, you want to spread out, like critical acclaim, mass marketing, something like that. My name is Klevah Knox, I am an MC and I’m based in Champaign Illinois, born and raised.