College of College Football Knowledge

December 01, 2015
A circus bandwagon at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, FL

An honest-to-goodness bandwagon, located at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, FL

Wikipedia Commons

The focus is on college sports, and mostly football, in this edition of The Bandwagon with Lisa Bralts and Brian Moline.  While you're thinking of yet another way to cook that leftover turkey, download or stream the latest episode.

The first topic of conversation is how Ohio State, and other schools, are using advanced technology to make sure their athletes are at their best on gameday.

Next, a dive into a University of Minnesota report advocating for the elimination of football from the youth level all the way through high school.  As you might guess, it's head injuries that are the impetus for their argument.  Plus, how are head injuries impacting the number of kids participating in football?

Finally, we head back to Ohio State to discuss the recent comments of running back Ezekiel Elliott that were critical of his coaching staff.  Is this another sign that college athletes are getting a larger voice in their sports?

In this ep, Brian and Lisa go back to school - college, that is - and their topic is football. They take up head injuries and recommendations for prevention, technology as coach, and what empowerment of college football players can look like.

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