Turn Out the Lights…

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Yep, you read this correctly - the Bandwagon is, um, disbanding, for no other reason that life just plain getting in the way. Fret not, though!! It's been a fantastic 56 episodes. Join us here as we cover a little tennis, a little baseball, a little Illinois sports, then reminisce about some of our favorite episodes and segments, like this one, this one, and this one

We lay it all out on the end credits, so we'll leave them here for you:

Thank you so much for joining us here on the Bandwagon. It’s been quite a ride!

This episode, like so many of our previous episodes, was produced by Brian Moline, Lisa Bralts, and John Steinbacher. We’d like to thank everyone who’s ever appeared on the show as a guest for hopping aboard, Special on-air thanks go to Roger Blanco and Travis Tate. Additional thanks for their support go to Scott Cameron, Jim Kelly, Mike Bohlmann, and our friends Automatic Empire, who wrote and performed our theme and other music heard within.

You’ll still be able to find us on the web, where we’ve linked to almost everything we’ve discussed on the podcast – all 56 episodes worth!

It’s hard to say goodbye, but bid adieu, we do. As always, thanks for playing.