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Education vs Poverty: 180 Days: Hartsville

Students sitting with a teacher at a table.

Principal Julie Mahn with students in front office of Thornwell School of the Arts. Courtesy Clevis Harrison

We all want the best for our kids, especially when it comes to education. We want them to have access to the best schools, the best teachers, the best resources - . However, these desires are difficult to realize for ALL children when, according to a recent study by the Southern Education Foundation, the majority of students attending public schools in the United States live in poverty.

180 Days: Hartsville is a documentary about schools in a South Carolina town that get powerful results despite the steep challenges they – and their students – face. The film was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) as part of American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen, a public media initiative to stem the dropout crisis by supporting coHartsvillemmunity-based solutions.  It airs Tuesday, March 17, at 7 PM on WILL TV.