Get Involved


Volunteer your time

Tour Guide: We are always looking for tour guides to help with station field trips. If you have a few extra hours a month, we’d be happy to train you.

Work Days: Occasionally, we need help to prepare materials for book mentor activities and events. If you have limited time in your schedule but are skilled at counting, sorting, and labeling, this might be the job for you.

Book Mentor: We train volunteers who go into preschool classrooms once a month to read a book and help with an activity. If you love reading to children and are looking for a way to make an impact in the community, then we are looking for you.

Make a contribution

Your support helps provide books and valuable educational materials for local, low income families.

For more information, contact Kimberlie Kranich by phone at 217-333-7300, or send her an email message.