Farm to Table



Coming at you tonight at 7 PM...

One of the best parts about the end of the production of Course Work also had the potential for being the most annoying - the constant review of the program, listening to the narration (that's my voice you'll be hearing), and viewing the footage can be time-consuming. While I'd wager that hearing the narration over and over again was tough on Tim (I know it was hard on me), watching the footage definitely was NOT hard for either of us. What an amazing summer they had out on the farm - the fruit alone was incredible, but the gardens, pastures, and goats were super-verdant and prolific and... ALIVE as well. It's been so very comforting to see these images of summer and early fall on my small computer screen in my office, wearing a hat and fuzzy sweater. Imagine how pleasant those images will be on your TV tonight at 7 PM, as you lounge under a throw on your couch! With snacks!

I'll be on the pledge set tonight with Wes and Leslie, and Tim will be producing the pledge segments - it'll be a nice little reunion as we talk about the making of the program and why Prairie Fruits Farm was so interested in working with WILL-TV (hint: It's not all about the exposure!), and, of course, ask for viewer support of the program. We'd love to make more programs like this one, and viewer support can make all the difference in that decision.

Of note: One of the premium thank-you gifts for people who pledge their support to Illinois Public Media during this program is a special screening of the film at Prairie Fruits Farm with Wes Jarrell, Leslie Cooperband, Chef Alisa DeMarco, and WILL staff. Tickets to dinners go very quickly at PFF, and I have a feeling these may, too. The screening will be held on January 11 in the HEATED barn on the farm, will include snacks straight out of the farm's kitchen, and guests will get involved in the discussion about the making of the program and the viewing of bonus footage. This experience offered by PFF and WILL-TV is a great opportunity to visit the farm during its season of rest, and to talk with the staff about what the future will hold. As you'll see in the film, a few months can go by VERY quickly. 

Thanks, as always, for your support. I hope you enjoy the film.

- Lisa Bralts