The Ultimate Field Trip: An Interview with Apollo 17 Astronaut Harrison “Jack” Schmitt

Portrait of Harrison Schmitt

Schmitt is, to date, the only civilian scientist to go to the moon. He also served as U.S. Senator from New Mexico, 1977–1982

Photo Credit: NASA

In December 1972, as one of the crew on board Apollo 17, Harrison "Jack" Schmitt became the first member of NASA's first scientist-astronaut group to fly in space. As Apollo 17 was the last of the Apollo missions, he also became the twelfth and second-youngest person to set foot on the Moon, and the second-to-last person to step off of the Moon. Schmitt is a geologist who continues to be a strong advocate for the exploration and settlement of space. In this Focus interview with host David Inge, Schmitt talks about what it's like to stand on the lunar surface, and what lies ahead for humans in space.