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Illinois Soul is a not-for-profit public radio station licensed to Illinois Public Media and the College of Media at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. FM 101.1 amplifies Black voices, music, and culture throughout central Illinois, and online, with the power of public media. Illinois Soul airs NPR shows, produces local news for broadcast and the Web, and works hand-in-hand with the community to address their needs and concerns.


picture of restaurant sign and plate of food text says A Dialogue with Congolese Community of Champaign County

A Dialogue with Congolese Community of Champaign County

Join us this week as Dialogue visits a local Congolese restaurant and dive into their cuisine!

A Dialogue with Ruby Mendenhall and Lamont Holden

Join us this week as Dialogue sits down with Urbana poet laureate Ruby Mendenhall and music producer Lamont Holden.


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State of Change

State of change logo over tree tops

Impacts of the climate crisis on communities of color

In 2023, the climate crisis became chaotic in Illinois. In our third annual State of Change report, we examine how higher temperatures are taking a toll on people, in particualr communities of color.

State of Change examines how Illinoisans manage carbon

Carbon is a key to life on Earth. Whether its air, animals, people, plants, or water, it would not be possible without carbon. Human use of carbon means Illinois and our planet are in a State of…

Illinois is in a State of Change

Farmers are racing to protect livestock from rising heat, invasive species are on the rise, a fossil fuel debate rages, and America’s national bird is back from the brink.

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