February 13, 2014 - Mid-American Gardener

Mid-American Gardener: soil testing, mulches, rose types, garlic mustard, Amaylis Belladonna

Mid-American Gardener Horticulture specialist Dianne Noland and guest panelists David Robson, Doug Williams and Martie Alagna discuss soil testing, the different types of mulches that best serve our gardens, rose types that produce the best colors and some of the most efficient ways to uproot garlic mustard. Doug Williams explains the blooming of the Amaryllis flowering bulb and reminds us that the Amaryllis Belladonna was George Washington Carver's favorite. Plus much more!

February 06, 2014 - Mid-American Gardener

Mid-American Gardener: Basil and Mint, Bay Leaf plant and very different types of tomatoes

Mid-American Gardener Horticulture specialist host Dianne Noland and her gardening experts Kay Carnes, Bob Skirvin and Chuck Voigt give us some new understandings of our gardens and what goes on within them. We found out the visual differences between Basil and Mint. Kay Carnes showed us a spectacular Bay Leaf plant and Bob Skirvin explained a very different type of tomato. We learned about indoor gardens, cucumbers and which apple makes for the largest and the most delicious. Plus so much more.

January 30, 2014 - Mid-American Gardener

Mid-American Gardener: Dahlias with crown gall, purple basil and soil freezing effects

Mid-American Gardener host Horticultur specialist Dianne Noland sits down with her extraordinary expert guest garden panelists, Mike Brunk, Don White and Chuck Voigt They discussed Orchids, Dahlias with crown gall, purple basil and soil freezing effects. Chuck Voigt showed us a beautiful blooming Evergreen Amaryllis and Mike Brunk told us about a Legacy Tree program in Urbana memorializing a 200 year old Hackberry Tree and much much more.

January 09, 2014 - Mid-American Gardener

Mid-American Gardener: Apple Scabs, Japanese Maples, Peach Trees

For the very first time, Jim Schuster was hosting Mid-American Gardener along with guest panelists Jennifer Nelson, Kaizad Irani and Kent Miles. The discussion touched upon Apple Scabs, Japanese Maples, Peach Trees and much more. Jennifer Nelson showed how to organize your seeds and Kent Miles displayed different types of Pussy Willows and how you can use them in your home displays.

July 12, 2012 - Mid-American Gardener

Mid-American Gardener on Thursday, July 12, 2012

Host: Dianne Noland

Panelists: Gloria Young (Master Gardener, Vermilion County), Kaizad Irani (Parkland College Professor of Landscape Design) and Bill Erickson (Architect, Prairieview Land)

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