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Episode 1335 - May 02, 2024

Jennifer Fishburn and Jennifer Nelson are back in the studio to discuss proper rhubarb care, ways to control weeds and invasive species, including creeping charlie and bindweed. They also share their tips for keeping squirrels away from outdoor planters and to keep those large pots lightweight.


Episode 1336 - May 09, 2024

We’re in the studio with Phil Nixon and Chuck Voight to discuss the upcoming cicada emergence in Illinois, herb gardens, and how to combat other outdoor pests. Chuck also shares his tips for growing tomatoes, rhubarb, and garlic!


Episode 1337 - May 23, 2024

Kay Carnes and Martie Alagna are in the studio to discuss the recent cicada infestation, how to identify and control poison hemlock, tomato and pepper care, and treatment of declining crab apple trees. We also discuss the differences between French lavender and regular lavender and the best time to prune and shape shrubs and bushes.


Episode 1338 - May 30, 2024

Ella Maxwell and John Bodensteiner are back to share their strategies for pollinating holly shrubs, caring for fruit trees, and battling invasive plants. 


Air Dates and Times

Channel Day Time
WILL-TV, Urbana Thursday 7 pm (live)
  Saturday 11 am (repeat)
WTVP-TV, Peoria Saturday 11:30 am
WEIU-TV, Charleston Sunday 1:30 pm
WSEC-TV, Springfield Saturday 11 am
WQEC-TV, Quincy Saturday 11 am
WMEC-TV, Macomb Saturday 11 am
Lakeshore PBS, Chicago/Northwest Indiana Friday 1 pm

Featured Entry

Looking for garden inspiration? Visit the Idea Garden!

Join us at the Idea Garden in Urbana, Illinois to get inspired! Jennifer Nelson gives us a tour, highlighting maintenance techniques, pest and weed control, ways to keep your annuals in full bloom, and the beauty of vegetable gardening.

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