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Protecting your Plants from Spring Cold Snaps


It’s spring, and our plants are beginning to peak out, but there’s been quite a few chilly nights and mornings. Shane and Martie are in the studio to help put your worries at bay. 

If you cover your plants, place cloth, not plastic, over them. You can use a tomato cage to keep the cloth or sheets directly off the foliage. Mulching early will also help protect the plant and will make it easier to spread. Wind is also actually helpful during these cold snaps, because it keeps the plants flexible. If there’s a hard freeze and no wind, that’s where there’s actually more problems. Shane and Martie assure us that we would have to have a very hard freeze in order for any of the colder weather we’re currently having to really affect any blooms for this year.

Shane and Martie also share more information about invasive pear trees and how to harden off your houseplants and those bought from a greenhouse. Martie then shows us how she prepares and plants her seed potatoes and onions to get a good producing crop. Shane also shows off one of his favorite small-sized perennials: lilac prairie petite. Tune in to learn more about this beautiful plant and some of Shane’s other nursery-buying tips—like how accurate sizing is on nursery tags.

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Episode 1231 - April 27, 2023

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