39 Jobs Cut At Vermilion County Nursing Home


Thirty-nine people at the Vermilion Manor Nursing Home located west of Tilton are losing their jobs.

Vermilion County Assistant State’s Attorney Bill Donahue confirmed the announcement Thursday shortly after the nursing home was sold to a private equity firm for $3.4 million.

Premier HealthCare Management, which is partnering with FNR Healthcare Group, is now overseeing Vermilion Manor. Donahue said Premier did an assessment of the nursing home’s operations, and determined that it could stand to lose those employees.

“No one’s pleased when people are not employed because in this community we need employment,” he said. “We’re hopeful that’ll change over time as the resident population grows.”

Donahue said people losing their jobs have been notified, while around 130 existing nursing home jobs are still in place.

The Vermilion County Board sold the nursing home after struggling to maintain it.

A call seeking comment from the owner of Premier Healthcare Management was not returned.

Story source: WILL