Aaron Ammons Announces Bid For Champaign County Clerk


Democrat Aaron Ammons says he’s running for Champaign County Clerk to make sure everyone can exercise their right to vote. The Urbana alderman and local union official announced his bid for county clerk on Labor Day.

Ammons says his experience as an SEIU union official running voter registration drives played a role in his decision to run.

“I have worked for many years, working on voter registration drives, and trying to educate people who have felony convictions around their right to vote,” said Ammons. “I’ve tried to work with young students who are of age and to get them involved. So I think there’s a lot of outreach and education that can take place from that office.”

Ammons’ campaign announcement included a brief speech at the AFL-CIO’s annual Labor Day picnic in Urbana.

“As county clerk, I will use my union skills, experience and lessons to strengthen our voting rights in Champaign County, and our ballot boxes will be accessible to all Champaign County residents,” Ammons told the crowd gathered at Prairie Park.

Ammons is the husband of State Representative Carol Ammons.  He represents Ward Three on the Urbana City Council, and is president of SEIU Local 73, Chapter 119 on the University of Illinois campus.

His bid for county clerk comes after Republican clerk Gordy Hulten announced he’ll be running for the new county executive position. A Hulten assistant, Matt Grandone, launched his bid for the Republican nomination for clerk on Sept. 1.

Ammons, Grandone and Hulten all took part in Monday’s AFL-CIO Labor Day Parade in Urbana.

Story source: WILL