Art Theater, Savoy 16, To Show ‘The Interview’

Banner ad for The Interview
(Damian Dovarganes/AP)

Champaign’s Art Theater Co-Op and Savoy 16 are among the theaters now planning to screen the controversial comedy at the center of a hacking controversy.

Co-op Manager Austin McCann says he contacted Sony Tuesday when the studio reversed course, now announcing ‘The Interview’ would start in limited release Thursday after pulling the movie initially. 

The movie opens Christmas Day in Savoy, and at the Art January 2nd.  McCann said the decision comes down to artistic expression – since larger chains still won’t show a film about a plot to kill the leader of North Korea.

"We are making ourselves available to play this film," he said.  "In a way, we are incurring the risks of this because it has become a question of free speech, and our right to preserve these venues of expression.”

McCann says it’s not known how long his theater will show the film, but was able to take advantage of an open date next Friday when nothing else was scheduled.  More than 200 theaters nationwide have now announced plans to show the film.

Story source: WILL