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Champaign Preparing For Backyard Chickens


In a couple of weeks, residents in Champaign can begin applying for licenses so that they can get backyard chickens.

City Planner Lacey Rains Lowe said there will not be a limit on the number of permits available, something the city had discussed. She said the city is confident its ordinance addresses potential problems that could come up with too many people getting backyard chickens.

“We do have a chapter in our ordinance already that regards noise and that regards other property maintenance standards, and we reference those in this new hen ordinance but it also includes specific language that says no odors detectable from the property line,” Lowe said. “So, we don’t anticipate that being a problem.”

Lowe said backyard chickens will only be allowed in most single family homes or duplexes, and roosters will not be allowed. People can begin applying on Dec. 17 for a permit to obtain up to six hens, but the licenses won’t take effect until Jan. 1.