City Of Chicago, CUB Seek ICC Probe Of Electric Market


A spokesman for the Citizens Utility Board said they’ve seen a 115 percent increase in complaints about alternative electricity suppliers. 

He said this lead to the request for an Illinois Commerce Commission investigation of the power market from CUB and the City of Chicago.

Jim Chilsen said it’s important for suppliers to give consumers clear and factual terms and conditions when providing offers. 

“Many alternative suppliers and acting appropriately, but we would like an ICC investigation to weed out bad companies and to give them a very clear message that it’s time to clean up their act or they risk getting kicked out of Illinois,” Chilsen said.

Chilsen said consumers should look out for 5 pitfalls when dealing with alternative suppliers.

1) Unreasonably high rates. 

2) Suspiciously low introductory rates.

3) Extra monthly fees.

4) Exit fees.

5) High-pressure sale tactics, such as asking for your account information.

The ICC is expected to rule soon on whether or not they’re going to proceed with an investigation. 

Story source: WILL