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Davis Looks Forward To Congress Re-Working DACA


The congressman for east-central Illinois supports President Trump’s announcement to end to the DACA program, because it forces congress to take a stand.

Republican Rodney Davis wants Congress to pass an immigration bill that protects so-called DREAMers — illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. at an early age.

It’s a group that has been protected by former President Obama’s DACA program. But President Donald Trump announced last month that he would phase out the program — and challenged Congress to come up with a replacement. 

Davis wants people to remember that President Obama said in 2012 that DACA was never meant to be permanent. He added, “It was just simply a change authored by the (Obama) administration and given to the Department of Homeland Security saying, ‘just use this rule.’”

Davis added that because of the president’s actions, congress can now work together and develop bi-partisan legislation to come up with permanent law.

The Taylorville Republican supports stronger border protections and enforcement measures, and he also supports DACA recipients, because the United States is the only country they’ve ever known.

Davis concluded, “Nobody who has been brought to this country at a young age through no fault of their own, who knows no other country, should ever have to worry about being sent to a country they’ve never been to.”