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Danville City Council Considers Video Gaming License Fee


As part of a study session Tuesday night, the Danville City will discus setting up its own licensing system for video gambling machines.

Illinois lawmakers authorized video gambling back in 2009 for bars, clubs and truck stops, and left it up to local governments if they want to allow it.

Danville Alderman Bill Black said he sees nothing wrong with the city also requiring its own gaming license, but he said the license fee should be minimal.

“I wouldn’t think you’d want the sticker to inhibit somebody from going out and getting the machines,” Black said. “The reason most city’s didn’t outlaw them (was because) they expect to get a considerable amount of revenue from the people who put coins in the machines.”

In Danville, a dozen businesses have been approved by the state for a video gaming license, but Alderman Black said so far three of them have the machines set up. He said one of those businesses paid the city roughly $2,000 last month in video gaming revenue.

A couple of measures that Gov. Pat Quinn vetoed to expand the number of casinos in the state included adding a casino in Danville.

Black, who is a former state legislator, said he is still hopeful another measure that includes Danville will be proposed and approved by Gov. Quinn in the spring.