Davis: A Larger Strike In Syria Should Involve Congress


Congressman Rodney Davis says President Donald Trump needs congressional approval for any larger-scale military action in Syria. But the 13th District Republican from Taylorville says he stands behind Trump’s decision last week to launch air strikes on a Syrian air base, without a vote in Congress.

Davis says any congressional authorization of force in Syria should include clear military goals, saying otherwise, such action can be limited in scope.

“If we vote on one for President Trump, I would hope that it’s put together by the military leaders," he said. "I hope it’s put together with objectives that be accomplished and sustained, and those are the ones that I will look at supporting when they come in front of Congress.”

Fellow Republican John Shimkus of Collinsville, from Illinois' 15th District, has said he hopes President Trump will seek legislative approval before any further action in Syria.

Shimkus said last week that he cautioned President Barack Obama about military intervention there in 2013.

Story source: WILL