Democratic Legislative Candidates Focus On Jobs, Economy

Candidates for the 103rd have two weeks to convince voters.
March 04, 2014

Two weeks before the Illinois primary election, the Democratic candidates for the 103rd legislative district agree on a wide range of issues, from taxes to education funding to job creation. 

Urbana City Council member Carol Ammons and Champaign Attorney Sam Rosenberg were guests Tuesday morning on Focus on AM580. 

On the issue of confronting Illinois’ structural deficit, Rosenberg said legislators’ must understand the deep cuts that may be needed to get the state out of what he called "its deep fiscal hole."  To do that, he said, "may mean tying legislators' salaries to the median income here in Illinois."

In other words, tie lawmakers’ pay to the performance of the state economy and wage growth.  Currently, state legislators earn more than $65,000 a year.

Both candidates discussed options for bringing more jobs to Illinois.  Ammons said that those jobs must be innovative, smart and inclusive.

"We want job creation that is responsible to the environment, responsible to the community and meets the needs of the people who live here," she said.

Ammons said she’s not bothered by what she called mudslinging and personal attacks during the course of the campaign.  Rosenberg said that he’s focused only on the issues and has no interest discussing personal attributes.

Both candidates agreed that no matter who wins on March 18th, they will fully support the Democratic nominee in the general election. 

That nominee will face Republican Kristin Williamson in November.

Story source: WILL