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Tornado Victims Have Week To Apply For SBA, FEMA Assistance


Victims of the Nov. 17 tornados in Illinois have until Jan. 27 to apply for individual assistance through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and  homeowner and renter loans through the Small Business Administration.

FEMA Spokesman Deanna Frazier said more than 2,600 people in the state have registered so far for individual assistance, but she said there are still people who may be eligible. 

“I urge everyone if you know someone who was affected, ask your neighbor, ask your friend, ask your family member, ‘Have you registered with FEMA?’" she said. "It’s so important to get yourself in the system to see if you’re eligible for FEMA assistance.”

Frazier said anyone denied FEMA assistance should appeal that decision, and make sure they have turned in all the proper paperwork with their application.

She said FEMA has given out about $2 million in individual assistance to tornado victims. That individual assistance is different from the public assistance FEMA recently rejected to local governments affected by the storms.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn said he plans to appeal the decision to deny more than $6 million in public assistance.