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Gill Sues To Get Name On Ballot For 13th District


Bloomington physician David Gill has filed a federal lawsuit to see his name restored to the ballot as an independent candidate for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District. Gill’s lawsuit also seeks to change Illinois’ minimum signature requirement for independent candidates, saying the current conditions go against the U.S. Constitution.

Last month, the State Board of Elections ruled that Dr. Gill fell more than 2,000 valid signatures short of those required on his nominating petitions. The state requires independents running for the U.S. House get the signatures of 5-percent of those who voted in the last election.

Gill says this goes against the US Constitution, noting independents running for US Senate need far less than that, or under less than 7-tenths of 1-percent.

“That just points to very arbitrary nature of this," he said. "And you can’t really ground it in any reason that is of value to the state in terms of why they would put such a barrier in the place.  So we think we think we stand a fairly good chance of succeeding with this lawsuit.”

Objections to Gill’s petitions were filed by a representative of 13th District incumbent Republican Congressman Rodney Davis’ staff, Democratic candidate Mark Wicklund, as well as Decatur attorney Jerrold Stocks.

Gill hopes to seek an injunction that would keep his name on the ballot, which must be certified by August 26th.

This is Gill’s fifth attempt at running for Congress, losing four times as a Democrat in 2004, 2006, 2010, and 2012. He lost four previous elections to Davis and his predecessor Tim Johnson.