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Health Alliance CEO Stepping Down


The CEO of Urbana-based Health Alliance Medical Plans is stepping down.  Jeff Ingrum says he’s leaving the job November 18th.  In a statement, Ingrum says ‘it’s time to move on to something new’ and that he’s ‘ready to explore new opportunities in the ever-changing environment of health care and health insurance.’  Ingrum was not available for comment.

Carle Foundation CEO James Leonard will take over as Health Alliance CEO, while John M. Snyder, Carle’s Executive Vice President and System CEO, will assume day to day operating leadership.

Health Alliance CEO Jeff Ingrum

Health Alliance

Leonard says with change coming in how health care is delivered, Carle and Health Alliance are looking at restructuring, to better support what they call “a fully integrated system”.

"We're taking this opportunity to look at structures that best support the fully intregrated system, its partners, consumers and other purchasers of health insurance," he said.

Health Alliance spokesperson Laura Mabry says Ingrum was their CEO for 18 years, longer than anyone else.

"Under his leadership, the organization has grown in membership, expanded geographically throughout Illinois and Iowa and Washington, and has expanded its product line to include Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid managed care, Third Party Administration and products on multiple public and private exchanges," she said.

Mabry says Ingrum was 'instrumental' in preparing the insurer for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and its profound impact on the health insurance industry, and in managing Health Alliance's relationship with the State of Illinois.