Ill. Treasurer’s Interns Had Political Connections


A published report says Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford's office has offered paid internships to several young people with political connections.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Rutherford's office kept a list of applicants and the name of the person who referred them.
Among those who referred interns were House Speaker Michael Madigan and U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush. Rutherford himself recommended a 16-year-old member of the wealthy Pritzker family.

That person was hired one year after a relative donated $50,000 to Rutherford's campaign fund.
Rutherford's office says clout played no role in who got internships.     

The office had 58 interns in 2013 - the same year Rutherford launched his bid for the Republican nomination for governor.
The treasurer's office had eight paid interns in the final year under Rutherford's predecessor.

Story source: AP