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Judge Orders Comptroller To Pay State Workers Amid Impasse


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A St. Clair County judge has ordered the Illinois comptroller to fully pay state workers despite the Legislature's failure to adopt a budget.

Circuit Judge Robert LeChien sided Thursday with 13 public employee unions that sued Comptroller Leslie Munger.
Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office argued lawmakers and Gov. Bruce Rauner must first approve a spending plan for the fiscal year that began July 1. Madigan's office plans to appeal.
The ruling counters a Cook County judge's decision that Munger may pay only some workers covered under federal minimum wage laws. That decision is being appealed by Munger and the unions.
Munger says Thursday's ruling gives her authorization to process payroll, though she adds there'll be "additional legal action.''  Her office says both rulings make it clear a court battle will be ongoing.